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Sunday, May 2, 2010

Making Rain ~ Science Sunday

With our school year wrapping up and our {ahem} lack of science experiments during the school year, we’re having fun playing around now and learning through our experiments.

Recently we had fun making rain together ~ not outside, but in our own kitchen. The kids were fascinated by it even though it was such a simple activity.

We only needed four simple things:

~ a pot

~ ice

~ a teakettle

~ water

You can pretty much get an idea of what to do from this picture here. We put the ice into the pot, boiled the water, and waited until the teakettle started to steam and held the pot in the stream of the steam. The steam coming from the teakettle is the ‘cloud’.


After awhile, the kid’s arms tired from holding the pot so high {about 18”} above the steam, so Mommy had to step in and hold it up and high. Do you see the condensation forming on the outside of the pot?


Little by little the condensation started gathering in certain areas of the pot and finally started forming little ‘rain’ droplets and dripping all over our stove. We made rain! When the warm, moist air meets the cold air ~ rain happens!

IMG_4027 IMG_4031

I’m hoping to start posting some of the activities that we’re doing each week and linking up to Science Sunday hosted by Ticia at Adventures in Mommydom. I’m not promising anything spectacular, just simple & fun stuff that we’re doing!



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