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Wednesday, April 28, 2010

On Safari in Kenya ~ Our Lesson Plans

Our travels to the Eastern coast of Africa started with Kenya. We learned all about the Great Rift Valley and the heights of Mt. Kilimanjaro, figured out how to sing the chorus of Jesus Loves Me in Swahili, drew lots of fun pictures of safari animals, put together a fun diorama of a savannah, read some great books together, and visited some great websites to learn more about the great country.

    Week 1 Layout


    • Introduce East Africa song about Kenya from Geography Songs
    • Use atlas and globe to locate Kenya
    • Talked about the size of Kenya 
    • Independent reading ~ pick a book from the shelf to read


    • Review geography song
    • Learned {and reviewed} some geography terms: lake and valley, highlands, lowlands, equator,  and savannah
    • Learned about the Great Rift Valley and Mt. Kenya
    • Learned about the flag of Kenya using our notebooking page

Flag of Kenya thumbnail

     Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


    • Review geography song
    • Talked about the climate of Kenya ~ on both sides of the equator, wet and dry seasons, snow on top of Mt. Kenya
    • Visited National Geographic for Kids: Kenya site
    • Independent reading
    • Review geography song
    • Tried to sing Jesus Loves Me in Swahili ~ well, the chorus at least!

Yes, Jesus loves me. Yesu amipenda
Yay-soo ah-nee pen-dah [3x]
The Bible tells me so. Biblia ani sema
Bee-blee-ah ah-nee she-mah

Mapping Kenya  Click on thumbnail to download pdf file


    • Review geography song
    • Used Draw Write Now to draw a lion and a cheetah
    • Learned about the baobab tree ~ the one that looks like it is planted upside down!
    • Independent reading
    • Review geography song
    • Laurianna worked on a fun diorama project of a savannah. We found some great 3D animal punch outs that she put together and then made up a ‘habitat’ for them

African Savannah diorama Africa diorama

    • Added our notebooking pages to our binder and stamped our passports!
Resources and Websites Books We Used

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