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Saturday, July 4, 2009

Tot School ::27::

~ Kaleb is 32 months ~

We got back into a better routine this week and had a great time making 4th of July crafts {go figure} and just having fun! Here was the layout for the week:

Tuesday: 4 pc. block puzzles, 4th of July shaker, 4th of July hat
Wednesday: star painting/stamping, Wii, color card sorting
Thursday: Children's Museum with grandmother so Mommy could CLEAN
Friday: building w/ colored blocks, scrunchies on a stick, coffee filter 'fireworks'

Some of our pictures {and from the looks of it, you'd think Kaleb only wears orange, eh?}

The 4th of July hats and 'sparklers' we made were a HUGE hit with all the kids, but Kaleb kept his on the entire time we watched the parade. Some foam sheets and duct tape is all it takes to make kids happy!

Our cookie cutters get so much use {HA!}, so we pulled them out this week along with our red and blue paint to make some star prints/stencils with all the kids. Kaleb was MOST thrilled to paint...he loves, loves, loves it and cries every time we put it away {while Mommy rejoices that the mess is cleaned up!}.

We've been playing Wii carnival and Kaleb was given a remote this time and did great on the horse, we're not raising a future horse racer...but he was too stinkin' cute flapping that remote up and down as fast as he could!

I have some great colored building blocks and we had fun seeing how tall we could stack the blocks before Kaleb chose to knock them down. He also imitated building arches with me...his, not so much an arch.

Kaleb's favorite game {and he's getting rather quick!} is putting scrunchies on a stick from one of our other games. I love it because we name colors as he does it and he also get to work on some fine motor skills.

That's it for this week! Don't forget to visit Carissa at 1+1+1=1 for some more Tot School posts. If you are participating I'll hopefully get a chance to stop by and visit you too!


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