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Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Touring Germany: Week 1

We're off to Germany! We didn't finish all of our book Keeper of the Angels Den during our study of the Netherlands, but figured that it was ok to keep reading it along with Germany since it takes place during WW2. Our week was a little most of our time was spent on some of the basic things about Germany. Next week we are doing a fun 'mystery tour' of Germany and I can't wait to share about that with you all!

I did put together a few notebooking pages: one is a mapping/labeling activity of Germany that includes labeling some key cities, rivers, seas and identifying the countries that border Germany. The other is a notebooking and coloring page on the flag of Germany. It also includes a brief history on the German flag.

Here's a look at how our week worked out:

  • Geography song about Eastern Europe (Geography Songs)
  • Locate Germany on world map and also the globe
  • Learn more about Germany using the atlas
  • Read a chapter from Keeper of the Angel's Den about Corrie ten Boom
  • Practice geography song
  • Complete map activity (click on thumbnail for document)
  • Read Germany's tale in Around the World in 80 Tales
  • Read a chapter from Keeper of the Angel's Den


  • Practice geography song
  • Talk about the money in Germany
  • Read a chapter from Keeper of the Angel's Den
Websites we visited/used:

Additional Resources:


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