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Sunday, April 19, 2009

Tot School ::21::

~ Kaleb is 28 months ~

Another low-key week here for the most part. We're getting back into our normal routine since my parents moved out last week and just 'breathing' a bit. I did get a few pics of some things we did, but at other times was just too plain lazy to catch it all on camera.

Kaleb has been disappearing and reappearing with tubs of his school toys and telling me what he wants to do {i.e. dumping it all over the floor and then pulling me to 'come'}. This next week I really want to plan 3 specific activities to do with him each day ~ ahead of time ~ and let the rest of the day go where he leads/directs.

I found some mini building blocks at a curriculum sale ~ which Kaleb happily ripped out of the box to play with for approximately 6.3 seconds.

After his unenthusiastic response to the blocks he discovered his sister's purse sitting nearby and decided that looked like more fun. Since it technically involved snapping and 'fine motor skills'. Besides he was having fun.

Another fine motor opportunity presented itself when someone under the age of 8 left a pair of scissors sitting out and Kaleb found them. Even though I didn't set up this as a teaching time, he was practicing those cutting skills ~ and it was just a coloring book cover.

We pulled out a bunch of our bug lacing cards to do too ~ attention span was fairly short again, but he did do a bit of the grasshopper before moving onto other fun things!

Our biggest learning experience this week involved REAL bugs...of the mini ant variety. Kaleb has been freaking out every time he sees a tiny ant. Literally. Screaming like a girl ~ hysterically. While it's been pretty funny, it was also getting a little old because the ants just don't want to go away. We finally taught him that he can squish them ~ you know, since he's BIGGER than they are and all!

Here he is showing us one of the 'crickets' {as he calls them for some reason}:

And here he is in full action ~ hunting and killing.

The ant-killing feat alone makes this week a total success in my book.

Oh yes, Amen!

Kaleb is also really starting to talk up a storm and pull so much together. One giant run-on generally ~ but hearing him talk and talk in that sweet little voice is just precious!! And along with the talking, he is becoming so much more of a little ham to go along. His facial expressions just crack us up {and the little stinker knows it!}.

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  • YAY for talking toddlers! Looks like a great week, love the pictures of the hunt and kill!

    By Blogger Life is Good, At April 19, 2009 at 5:11 PM  

  • That a great goal to plan 3 activities for the day and then see where he leads with the rest! YAY you have a full blown ant killer now ;-)

    By Anonymous Anonymous, At April 19, 2009 at 5:40 PM  

  • That is so funny about the ants. My 3 year olds used to be the same way when it came to bugs...much due to big sis. Anyway, the last few days they have been hunting and killing ants around our house and everywhere else! Just today they were entertaining themselves by killing ants at my daughters dance class!

    By Blogger Mama Jenn, At April 20, 2009 at 6:00 PM  

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