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Sunday, April 5, 2009

Tot School ::19:: {sort of}

~ Kaleb is 28 months ~

While not much happened in the form of 'school time' this week because of kid's sickness, my parent's moving, and Mommy being completely out of it on allergy meds, there was something BIG that happened in our house ~ Kaleb moved to his 'big boy bed'!

Believe it or not, Kaleb didn't know how to climb out of his crib (or at least didn't dare) until he saw a clip of a baby on America's Funniest Videos. Nice, huh?

Because Rick and I were going away for a few days and didn't know how he would handle the whole 'freedom to roam', we decided to wait to move him to the bottom bunk until we got back. While we didn't say that, the kids kept reminding him that when Mommy and Daddy got home he would get to sleep in his big boy bed. So not an hour after we were home and said it was bedtime, he climbed up on the bed and covered up.

And he's been there ever since! There haven't been any major problems and it has been so sweet listening to him and Zachary talking to each other and playing together in the morning before they get up.

But it is the end of the crib era ~ and I'm still a little emotional about that. The extra room is nice, but that 'baby' aspect is gone {sigh}.

Next week...more actual school happenings. :)

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