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Sunday, March 22, 2009

Tot School ::18::

~ Kaleb is 27 months ~

This is my favorite picture of the week. Kaleb decided it was school time and I came around the corner to a bin of his 'school toys' all over the kitchen floor - but the colors were just too fun, so I had to go grab my camera.

He suprised me with some of the things he has apparently been learning while I was blissfully unaware - go figure. He was stacking pegs one at a time and counting on his own. I sat listening while he counted to TEN! The little stinker! Of course if I ask him to count for me any other time, he sits and thinks for a moment and then shakes his head and says no.

This day ended up being more Kaleb-directed. He had too much fun pulling toys out and playing to his hearts content. As always, he kept trying to put the pegs in the wrong holes (on purpose) and would just giggle and then put them in the right places.

To go along with our "I am the Good Shepherd" verse this week from Totally Tots, we made little cotton ball sheeps. I found the idea at Kids Craft weekly awhile back and have been holding onto it for some time. Just too cute!

We used our sugar shaker to put spaghetti noodles into. Kaleb really enjoyed for a bit until his older sister showed him that he could chew on the noodles.

Apparently I felt like living on the edge and decided Kaleb must be full, so we pulled out the glue stick and some green construction paper to make shamrocks. This craft lasted until Kaleb decided to try and eat the glue stick.

We have the Wii Outdoor Challenge mat and Kaleb likes to think that he can keep up with the big kids - and it's just too fun to watch him play along.

I found some plastic frog and lizards at Target this week and we used them to sort into piles by what they were. Kaleb also had fun lining the frogs up and letting me count them for him - and then he would mess them all up. :)

That's it for Tot School this week! Just to let you know, I have a great giveaway in store for my blog readers this coming Friday (the 27th) - worth $300!! Be sure to stop back by and see what's in store!

Don't forget to visit Carissa at 1+1+1=1 for some more Tot School posts.


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