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Monday, March 16, 2009

A Little More on Alphabet Alley

A few months ago I posted on some great products from Alphabet Alley, a company that I am growing to respect more and more every day. Alphabet Alley is a company that provides preschool toys for children that are faith-based and provide positive messages. Their toys range from puzzles, to magnet playsets, games, wooden toys and stickers.

They sent me another toy to review...which I would LOVE to review here, but because of the recent changes in toy standards from the CPSC, Alphabet Alley removed the product from their line until they are certain they meet the new government standards. They are dedicated to providing products with only the highest quality for their customers, and that gives me a new level of respect for their company. :)

I will tell you that we play with our Noah's Ark Go Fish ($5.99) frequently and the cards are extremely durable {ahem} and oversized for little hands. Our kids have also enjoyed their stickers ($2.99) - and with Easter approaching, they have a Good News sticker set that would be great for your kids either at home, or to share with your Sunday School class as a special treat!

Alphabet Alley also has an online catalog available for you to browse through. I would really encourage you to visit their site. They will have a new product line to add to their catalog coming this summer - can't wait to see what they have in store!

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