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Saturday, February 28, 2009

Tot School ::16::

~ Kaleb is 27 months ~

Sometimes I look back at the pictures that I've taken during the week and wonder if I ever change my children's clothes...or dress them in different things. Apparently I prefer to dress them in certain shirts and pants. *grins*

This week Kaleb kept disappearing into my room (where a lot of his toys are stored) and bringing back toys for me to play with. The big favorites this week were Melissa & Doug Deluxe Wooden Lacing Beads and also his pegboard from Discovery Toys.

He also found another hidden tub this week that has foam shapes that you match to make designs. This card he used was just matching different size shapes, but he is doing well naming several different shapes: circle, star, and heart. I love these shapes because they are so soft and squishy (I think from Discovery Toys). The shapes were great too because we talked about big and little and also about colors.

We pulled out our Tabletop Easel this week too and Kaleb loved sticking all the magnets on it. He is cracking me up though because not too long after he began putting them on, he started sorting them by color and lining them up (Mommy helped make them straight), but the picture that you see is just the beginning. By the end, the board was full of magnets sorted into four color groups. He is so particular about the sorting it is funny!

I have some great little bear puzzles that show different emotions and let you change the outfits they are wearing. I've had them for years and used them when I was teaching. Kaleb put pajamas on the bear and had a 'ky-ing' (crying) face on his bear and refused to let me change it. He kept imitating some of the other faces and naming the emotions: mad (grunting), crying (fake crying), smiling/happy (cheese!), and laughing (hahaha).

Later he put the 'outside outfit' on the bear and I mentioned that the bear must be happy since he could go outside now. Kaleb quickly got up, picked up the bear and the box and tried to take him out on the porch...and then started screaming when I wouldn't let him go out. Sigh.

I found a ring toss at a yard sale and again with the color matching - he has to have the peg matched to the exact colored flower. He tried tossing them for a bit.

And then the ring toss turned into a mini-music session when the pegs became rhythm sticks instead.

Other favorites this week were the stacking pegboard and the geometric shape sorter that we have.

That's all for this week! Don't forget to visit Carissa at 1+1+1=1 for some more Tot School posts.




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