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Sunday, February 1, 2009

Tot School ::13::

~ Kaleb is 26 months ~

This week turned out to be quite the pajama week for our kiddos. We had some snow. And by snow, I mean more of a glorified "spit", but enough to cancel our local schools for a few days. And if the local schools don't need to meet, it really seems like a waste of clean clothes. And so pajamas seemed to stay on most every day (Kaleb even wore them under his snow suit, if the truth needs to be told).

When I asked Kaleb what he wanted to do, he went straight to the toy shelves and pulled out the nesting buckets that I have from Tupperware, climbed up in Daddy's chair and started stacking, and nesting ... and then just being a general goofball. Because bucket = hat in toddler-world.

The next time he went to the shelf, he pulled out the box that has different puzzle boards in it, so I picked a board that has 5 different shapes that you are supposed to stack in order of size. He isn't up to stacking by size, but he can get the shapes in the right places. And while they weren't stacked quite right, he did have fun rearranging them to his specifications. *grins*

And once we were done sorting all those shapes, we played a little game together and Kaleb showed me where different body parts were: nose, toes, chin, back, shoulder, hair... he thought this was hysterically funny and just kept laughing and naming different places he would touch the block too.

We had some friends over this week and Kaleb was nice enough to share his puzzles with a tot-friend of his, Reagan (22 months). I love this Melissa and Doug puzzle and even though he can pop the chunky pieces in quickly, it's fun for us to practice naming the animals and also the sounds that they make.

The two of them also had fun working on the vehicle matching puzzle (another Melissa & Doug). Kaleb still likes to pretend he doesn't know which ones match, put the piece in the wrong spot, and then smile and move it to the correct space.

That's what I have in pictures this week. For some strange reason, I don't have any pictures of the kid's playing in our pitiful excuse for snow... otherwise those would be in here too. :)

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