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Sunday, September 21, 2008

Tot School ::4::

This week it seems we spent more time OUT of the house than we did IN it - but we tried to squeeze in some fun and time to learn between all the running around to stores and the doctor.

We visited our children's museum where essentially the name of the game is "Follow Kaleb Around" and we play and do what Kaleb is interested in (and try to keep him away from the water cooler).

This week we played with the globes and the magnets...

..and dug around a little in the garden and picked vegetables together.

At home we pulled out the big paper and taped it to the table and let him color/scribble. He tried imitating some of the strokes that I was doing and repeating the colors that I named: blue, yellow, green and purple are definite favorites.

We have some great "animal parts" that we can use with our playdough (I think this was a Costco buy last year) and had fun adding eyes and random body parts to a lump of playdough.

We are still having issues with trying to eat the playdough, but he does love to squish it around and have fun trying to cut it up with the scissors or a kid's knife.

We would get one playdough color open and out and he would hand me another color to open (and Mommy has issues with playing with more than one color at a's a sickness, it is), so we started stacking containers instead and counting containers - which kept him happy for a bit longer.

And when he got tired of stacking and playing, it's always fun to take the empty containers and make funny noises together.

At the end of the week we took a trip to the arboretum to go on a nature walk. Since Kaleb was in the backpack, there aren't any pictures of him, but we took a great walk and spent LOTS of time watching the ducks - so this is much of what Kaleb saw:

And later at home, we played a new game with Kaleb which brought giggles and laughs from everyone involved: Slide the book under the door. Bonus points for hitting Kaleb, because that made him laugh more. He and Laurianna had a great time playing this together.

That's it for this week! Thanks for stopping by!

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  • Playdough is so fun...the smell still brings me back to when I used it as a kid (but they were in those paper cans lined with foil)! Wanted to stop by and say hello to a you, a fellow TOS Crew mate! Looking forward to working on this project with everyone. Have a great weekend. Blessings, Sheri (aka: 1 of 100)

    By Blogger Sheri, At September 26, 2008 at 9:13 PM  

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