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Sunday, September 28, 2008

Studying Japan ::Week 1::

This week we started our study of Japan. Of all the countries we've studied so far, Japan has had some amazing websites available to use in our studies. We’re planning on making this a three week study and wrapping it all up with a unit on volcanoes. Here’s how our first week was outlined:

  • Review geography song
  • Locate & map Japan with watercolors {link below}
  • Use atlas to learn more about Japan
  • Hello Japan video
  • Read Children Just Like Me & use notebooking page
  • Color Japan’s flag {printable below}
  • Facts about Japan using National Geographic for Kids website
  • Kids Web Japan
  • Talk about the Mon {family crest}
  • Review Asia geography song
  • Woodcuts/paintings {link below}

Laurianna's independent reading for the week was Dragon of the Red Dawn by Mary Pope Osborne and the kids also enjoyed listening to the audiobook when Laurianna had finished reading it on her own. We've also been reading stories from Japanese Children's Favorite Stories and The Boy of the Three Year Nap.

Great Links

  • Kids Web Japan - great videos, virtual games, pictures - too much to list, but a GREAT resource!! This week we watched the "Hello Japan" video, learned about tea ceremonies (and had our own), looked at some of the typical Japanese food

  • Visit Japan - this link is specifically to a quick video about Japan

  • National Geographic Kids: Japan - country facts, postcard, video clip and information on Japan

  • Japanese Woodcuts to Color - Ellen McHenry's Basement Workshop has a great project for using watercolors to recreate some famous Japanese woodcuts

  • Hokusai's Great Wave - picture and information on woodcut painting

    Next week we'll be continuing our study of Japan by studying Japanese screens, origami, Japanese counting, puppet theatre and some other fun things too.

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    • What?!? There's a new ocean? When did that happen? I tell you, I graduate from high school and get embroiled in specialized studies and suddenly they change everything on me. Pluto isn't a planet anymore. There are five oceans instead of four. Who knows what else may have changed? It's mind boggling. :-P

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