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Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Flat Mary visited Oklahoma

One of my friends, Alison, was gracious enough to host Flat Mary for a few days at her house in Oklahoma. She returned to our house yesterday along with a note and pictures from their family:

"We most certainly have enjoyed our time with Flat Mary! While here in Oklahoma, we took Mary on an excursion to the Wichita Mountains (just big hills in comparison to the White Mnts. or the Smokey Mnts.!!!). We went to the Holy City, home of the longest running outdoor Passion Play. We took Mary up the mountain. We climbed over rocks and stumbled over cactus!

We even saw a stone that was found in Jerusalem and is now preserved in a monument at the Holy City.

We also took Mary to see a monument that is dedicated to all of those who lost their lives at the Oklahoma City bombing. With tears in our eyes we reviewed all of what we know about that attack with Flat Mary. When the bombing took place in 1995, it was the largest terrorist attack that had ever taken place on American soil. 168 people were killed and 19 of them were children. You can learn more about this at .

We hope and pray that she makes it home safely! Thanks for sharing her with us."



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